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 Lymphatic Muscle Isolation (LMI)

Specializing in Lymphatic Massage

Live to Love and Love too live

Are your bodily pains preventing you from living life to the fullest? Anatomical Bliss allows you to live your life and love it with LMI, Lymphatic Muscle Isolation,  Your treatment is personally designed to improve your body’s ability to heal. My name is Patrick Lane, Lymphologist, Master Massage Therapist/Instructor,    I offer a very unique all inclusive massage and Reflexology with the focus on the  Lymphatic System. This is also designed for deep Healing & allowing deep Relaxation. There is nothing like Internal Cleansing, this is a very Unique treatment. This is the New Biology, Understanding the Human Anatomy as a waterbody. The muscular system is responsible for skeletal alignment, so if the muscle's are hard & tight they may shorten, drawing the joints too close together, causing grinding, clicking, creating nerve impingement & restriction of the vascular & Lymphatic circulation. You may have  limited range of motion, and may lead to things like Carpel Tunnel, Tennis elbow, rotator and neck problems, such as  Brain Fog, Head Ache or even Migraine and Brain malfunctions like Dementia and Alzheimers.  The Lymphatic System is the connection of the right-left hemisphere's of the Brain.  If the muscular system gets so tight it may restrict circulation, causing the division of the brain,  dementia & Alzheimer's, High Blood Pressure & Nerve related issues. From head to toe. 

The Lymph System is The system responsible for nourishing the nervous system, throughout the body and especially for the right-left hemisphere's of the brain. Also the removal of toxin's & impurities, Balance bacteria as well as the elimination of anaerobic cells depleted in oxygen causing a host of problems such as Cancer. 

The Vascular system is not even 1/3 the size of the Lymphatic System. Your living in a basic water body. 

The Lymphatic System is a glandular system of over 650 glands for the purification of the blood and to keep the Immune system strong.

I incorporate LMI, into a Hawaiian & Swedish style of massage with  Shiatsu acupressure technique allowing the client to relax as the poisons are drained from their body. This is how & why it is so important to Isolate the muscle's for realignment. The pressure points that are stimulating the lymph glands may be sensitive due to the poisons or toxin's trapped in the glands. "Hurt so Good" is the common phrase as the body and the Life Force energy begin the Healing process. The pain does go away as the muscle cleans up, this allows the muscle to elongate to proper position. The muscular system is responsible for skeletal alignment.  Once the muscle's are all realigned. Most skeletal problems self correct. You stand up straighter, more grounded and balanced. A sense of floating bones, Pain Free.


The Lymphatic System is the key to the Human Anatomy. LMI can provide immediate relief for just about everything. It is the Body's irrigation system, supporting the body's hydration, lubrication and the removal of toxins. Toxins cause inflammation It plays a crucial role in the Revitalization in the ability for internal healing. This is the system to nourish the marrow of the bones, as well as the nervous system. This is very important, for the effectiveness of the lymphatic system & the Glymphatic System for  Proper distribution of nourishment throughout the head and though the dura mater of the brain, for the proper removal of impurities  for right-left hemisphere"s for a healthy functioning Brain.

 You're Fountain of Youth

LMI, is focusing on the elimination of toxins, allowing the lymph to lubricate for elongation of the muscles. Then I realign the muscular structure first, and then the skeletal structure  just gets pulled back into alignment from the properly aligned muscle's, and relieving nerve impingement.

The results that I am getting with the technique for Pelvic Inflammatory Dysfunction is incredible, this eliminated Prostate Cancer for my client Charles B. in Honolulu.

Another one of my latest breakthrough's is the correlation of the watersheds of the Lymphatic System and the Chakra System. Everything is Energy and the Chakra's line up with the Watersheds or power spots of the Lymphatic System. This is one of the ways I help the realignment and the integration of the Mental, Physical, Spiritual & the Emotional body, for balance & grounding, for Optimal Health for Professionals & amateur athletes, as well as the young & Wise healthy conscious Loving People.

  • Acne

  • Arthritis

  • Cellulite

  • Cramps

  • Decreased Flexibility and Range Of Motion

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Frequent Colds and Flu

  • Frequent Headaches and Migraine

  • Joint Pain

  • Loss of Appetite

  • Mood Irregularities

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

About the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the body’s Irrigation & cleansing system. It is essential for filtering out toxins and elimination of Bad bacteria. It plays a crucial role in revitalization in your body’s ability to heal. The lymphatic system has over 650 nodes specifically designed for the removal of impurities and the internal lubrication of the entire muscular and bone structure's, to the marrow of the bones, as well as nourishing the nervous system throughout the whole body.

Muscles tend to get hard and tight. They shorten, drawing joints too close together and causing grinding of the bones, compression of the nerves, and restriction of vascular and lymph circulation. When the muscles are so hard the compression in the body restricts lymph and vascular systems causing High Blood Pressure, limited range of motion, as well as muscular and skeletal issues. This also produces inflammation especially from lymph blockage to the brain, nerve's, muscle's and in the joints. 

LMI, improves circulation of vascular & lymph, allowing the body to Heal internally and to Normalize, relax and Rejuvenate as the Life Force Energy stimulates to the cellular level. 

It's you're Fountain of Youth.

The Lymphatic System is the Key to the Human Anatomy

Breakdown of the Lymphatic System

LMI focus's on the entire Lymphatic, Glymphatic & Vascular System.The Glymphatic System cleanses the lymphatic system. The Lymph System with over 650 glands, filters impurities and the toxins that may cause Toxemia, dirty blood. Because your body is considered a water body, if the water is trapped in glands, it will allow bacteria to grow in areas that will cause problems. When the lymphatic system is not performing efficiently due to toxins, stress, illness, accumulation of fluid from inflammation, and blockage or damage to the lymph vessels, the body can experience decreased immune response. This may allow a host of other issue's of ill health.

You're body may become out of balance. This may effect you're physical, mental & emotional state of being.

The Vascular System isn't even 1/3 of the size of the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is the connection of the right-left hemisphere's of the brain. This is a very beneficial alternative of Brain dysfunctions.

How Does LMI Help?

Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage dates back to the 1930s to promote health and aid in recovery from certain illnesses. It is now widely used in European hospitals and clinics. It is becoming better known in the U.S. due to its benefits for prevention and recovery from breast cancer.

LMI goes beyond the Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, as I go to the superficial & the deep glands that will allow me to realign especially the Large muscular system and find blockage of the lymph glands within the muscular structure. Relaxing these muscle groups with the corresponding lymph watersheds allows the toxins to drain and then internally lubricate and flush and cleanse the body reducing inflammation. This allows the muscle to elongate to it's proper position. This releases the skeletal restrictions and nerve impingement. Eliminating pain.      It is used to promote general wellness & relaxation, reduce fluid retention, and enhance removal of toxins from body tissues. When lymph flow is stimulated, impurities are flushed naturally resulting in a healthy body full of vitality and normalized blood pressure. Highly recommended before surgery.  LMI can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with fluid retention. Whether swelling is due to an injury, cancer treatment, surgery, or an illness such as pelvic inflammatory disfunction or fibromyalgia, Planter Fasciitis, Stress, 

arthritis, cellulite, 

carpel tunnel, migraine's and brain dysfunctions.

WARNING This may be a Life changing experience.

LMI has helped people that have exhausted allopathic medical care. My treatment is very easy to enjoy and know that this is one of the most effective Prevention & Rehabilitation Therapies available on Earth Today. It is a very successful 

Non-Surgical Pain Relief and has had Miraculous benefits around the World!

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