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What our customers are saying

“I was very fortunate to start work with Patrick Lane six months ago following a very serious illness. My circulation was very poor and my energy level even worse. I have been very physically active all my life and hold records on the Hawaii Masters Track Club. It was very difficult for me to have to stop my physical activities completely. After working with Patrick, my energy level slowly started to increase and my circulation improved greatly. Patrick was extremely adept at finding areas of blockage in my lymph system and restoring my circulation. My range of motion has significantly improved and I am now walking 2-3 miles a day. I feel better now than before my illness. My body has responded very well under Patrick's knowledgeable and skilled massage techniques. To anyone who needs this kind of help I would gladly recommend Patrick.”

-Dr. James F. Craine, Clinical Neuropsychologist




“I Ralph Koziarski trained as a Massage Therapist at the Recess Club in Detroit under Henri Nussbaum along with Patrick Lane. We graduated from Mr. Nussbaums class on May 15, 1982. We both subsequently received our City of Detroit License, which I have maintained over the years, since I still work full time in the area, License No. BUS1991as 01807. Patrick went on to receive his teachers license and taught at The Michigan Metaphysical Society. I know Patrick to be a dedicated therapist and teacher who continues to study and grow in our field. I'm sure he would be a positive addition to your community and/or business.

-Ralph Koziarski

To those who suffer from various arthritic joint and muscle pain.

Patrick Lane has developed over years of learning

and experimenting with new techniques,

a style of deep muscle massage, which helps cleanse the Lymph glands.

He uses this technique in his massage therapy sessions.

As someone who has suffered many years with arthrosis throughout

my body I was more than pleased to find a Massage-therapist

who was able to relieve and remove not only my pain,

but gave me back the mobility of my left arm and shoulder.

I would highly recommend that he become a teacher

of his method so that others could benefit from his knowledge.

Eleanor S. Joly

“I have known Mr. Patrick Lane on a professional level since 1985, when he began giving my mother Margaret Spencer his extraordinary Lymphatic Drainage treatments, to assist in her fight against cancer. His work was exceptional and definitely instrumental in giving her a higher quality and longer life, than was originally thought possible. She was told ‘6 months.’ Due to Patrick’s therapeutical approach of cleansing through deep lymphatic manipulation/massage and correct diet, she had 6 ½ years of quality life instead.

I have also received regular treatments from Mr. Lane, after several operations and his work has gotten me back on my feet much more rapidly with fewer negative side effects, than thought possible by my doctors.

Consequentially, I have referred numerous business contacts, friends, and almost all of my international quests from the  

United Nations to him. Everyone without exception has come back raving about his work.

Several of my professional friends have gone as far as to try to get him to relocate, offering business contacts in their areas.

As you may surmise I personally am sold on Mr. Lane’s unique talent.”

-Sheila Spencer

“I have been both a student of Patrick Lane as well as a client receiving therapeutic massage after gastric cancer surgery in 1999. I found his system of massage, in addition to lifestyle and dietary changes greatly enhanced my healing quickly while reducing stress immensely.

I became a licensed massage therapist myself in 2001 and in May 2004, I completed 42 hours of training in Patrick's system of lymphatic massage. I highly recommend Patrick and his expertise as a healing massage therapist and encourage your support as well.”

-Lanette Bindu Van Camp

“I have known Patrick Lane both personally and professionally for the past four years. During this time, I have received many massage therapy sessions and I have found his work to be of the highest therapeutic standard. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist myself for over ten years and have in the course of this time experienced the work of many therapists and it is without hesitation, based on my experience that Patrick is outstanding in his field. I feel he expertly blends the anatomical knowledge of the body with specific healing techniques which I find extremely beneficial.”

-Susan Savill Cox Licensed Massage Therapist

“I have known Patrick Lane for seven years. I was a frequent client of his massage practice for about four years. He has consistently proven to be one of the best massage therapists I could find on Oahu. I suffered from low back pain and chronic tension in my neck, secondary to my lifting and work as a nurse. He seemed to work miracles for relieving my pain. He was also very encouraging and supportive of me to follow a healthy Lifestyle, and is very knowledgeable about yoga, proper nutrition, stress relief, and many other factors in the healing process. I highly endorse his skills, natural healing abilities, and his compassionate dedication to his practice.”

-Mary Lou Miles

“Rabbi Richard A. Weiss

2189 Devonshire Road

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48013

October 21, 1983

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter at the request of Mr. Patrick Lane who has worked as a masseur at Knollwood Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan, since the spring of 1983. I have had many masseurs in the past and have found Mr. Lane to be among the very best. Unfortunately, I am afflicted with severe arthritis and pinched nerves in the cervical and lumbar areas as well as other nerve disorders. Mr. Lane's pressure-point techniques have given me a great deal of relief. Therefore, I would heartily recommend him as a masseur.

Should you wish additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at (313) 335-3760 or 332-3212.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration of Mr. Lane, I am.

Most cordially yours,



“Congratulations on your nomination for Outstanding Therapist of the year 2006! We are honored that you have chosen to work with Massage Envy and provide exceptional massage therapy services to the people living in our communities. You represent the profession well, and we are proud to have you on our team.

Your clinic management team nominated you based on your strong commitment to delivering quality customer service, the genuine care and concern you have for our members and guests. And the fact that you serve as a role model for other therapists at your clinic. It is because of therapists like you that Massage Envy is able to bring massage therapy services to a greater population and create better health and wellness for more people.

 On behalf of Massage Envy, we thank you for your commitment to excellence in the massage therapy profession, and we look forward to your continued success with us.”

John Leonesio, Founder & CEO, Massage Envy Limited, LLC

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